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Monday, October 31, 2011

 Photos courtesy Den Hollinden

So excited to introduce another D.C gem, Margot MacDonald, who also happens to be a classically trained soprano vocalist just like previously featured Lena Seikaly. Woot!

I was introduced to the singer via my boyfriend about two years ago, and instantly recognized her as a force to be reckoned with in the vast pool of indie musicians. A Washington-area native, Margot's received just about every prestigious music honor since making her debut at the Washington National Opera at age 10. She's like the cool girl who you really want to be friends with because on  top of rocking an awesome mane, she's also really sweet and bubbly.
The soprano star is a little hard to classify in the sense that most music writers would like to. She's not wholly pop, rock, classical, or indie, yet she embodies all the attributes of each. Her work with loop pedals reminds me of none other than Andrew Bird, and her fiery red hair reminds of Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine. A few writers have likened Margot's energy to Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin, but I like to give a shout out to the female-fronted bands whose attitude she seems to channel, like Imogen Heap of Frou Frou, Garbage, Hole, and even Feist and Joan Jett. Many of the songs from her early albums (Walls, Torn) remind me of the 90s, when female fronted bands were ubiquitous and daring. Margot's later albums spin into a more experimental, folksy tapestry, mixing loops and synths with softly lilting vocals which are reminiscent of Imogen Heap. Margot's as resourceful and innovative in the studio as she is on stage, incorporating bottles, bells, whistles, and any gadget that will aid in creating a hypnotic musical experience. There is a little searching of self found in each song lyric, which continually becomes more assured as Margot builds her discography and her fan base.

Listen to a few tracks here
Check out her YouTube channel here

Margot is also in the middle of an exciting campaign with Indie GoGo to gain donations to help fund her upcoming album, and you can help make it happen. Her goal is to raise $25,000 and so far she's already raised an incredible $10,800. Your generous contributions ranging from $10 to $5000 could get you everything from autographs, jewelry, a set of Margot's previously released albums, to free tickets and so much more. Just check out the stockpile here. It's a worthy investment in the career of an awesome person and musician who stays excited for her craft. There are still 25 days left to contribute!
Photo by Francesco Sapienza


  1. Oo I listened to one song, will definitely be listening to more. Definitely got a Joan Jett rocker vibe. Love it!

  2. There's something magical about Margot MacDonald; we simply cannot get enough of what she does. Our encouragement and support of her IndieGoGo campaign seem like the very least we can do. Thanks to Chestnut Orange for helping spread the word about this amazing songstress!


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