Plum Jam & A Feast

Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy Friday to you all. I came across this whimsical little video courtesy of the blog The Bedlam of Beefy. It's the perfect introduction to a weekend that looks to be bright and sunny. And it sets the tone quite nicely for the plans I have. I'm looking forward to visiting the local farmers market for fresh fruits and veggies for some upcoming dishes, as well as visiting several thrift stores in the area trying to track down great surprise finds. (If you have suggestions in the DMV let me know!) Not to mention a trip to Ace hardware around the corner from my apartment to pick out a couple of paint colors for my living room and bathroom. Yay! Who doesn't get excited for home makeovers, especially when you're doin' it yourself! To Lonny Mag and Anthology Mag for inspiration.

But how sweet does this jam look! And so easy to make. Now only if apricots and plums were in season around here. Thanks to my new love, the cookbook Plenty by Israeli chef Yotam Ottolenghi, I've been making lists of all the recipes I'd love to try. Just last night I made a delicious pasta with spiced butter sauce, but added my own finishing touch to the dish by adding warm mango chutney. Amazing! You have to try it. The dish was complimented by a sweet corn ceviche that I was anxious to try thanks to Sprouted Kitchen. Both dishes had me doing a happy dance in my kitchen, and so excited to incoroporate them into an Autumn brunch with friends that I'm planning. Enjoy!


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