Lena Seikaly: Lovely Changes

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Today I'm really excited for the opportunity to introduce you to one of the sweetest gems in the D.C jazz world, my good friend Lena Seikaly. Lena is one of those rare birds in the jazz scene who combines a stunning mezzo-soprano voice with a beautiful face and inviting stage presence with great humility. Her powerhouse vocals will pleasantly surprise you, as you would not expect a Billy Holiday voice coming from a Lena Horne frame.

Just last month Lena released her second album "Lovely Changes" to rave reviews in several publications, and enjoyed a sold out album release party at the famous Blues Alley. With an easy cool about her, Lena's velvety voice and playful lyrics grab your ear and invite you to celebrate  life, love and change. Lena, along with the host of great musicians accompanying her on this debut (pianist Dan Roberts, drummer Dominic Smith, saxophone player Elijah Balbed, trumpeter Joe Herrera,  guitar player Rodney Richardson, and bass player Tom Baldwin.) delivers a classy offering of signature jazz tunes and a few originals. One of my favorite tunes is a jazz arrangement of the awesome Beach Boys track "God Only Knows." Listen to snippets here, be sure to buy the album while you're there!


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