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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

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Ohmydays...I promise I haven't quit The Chestnut. Quite the contrary. I've been accumulating tons of inspiration and cool posts to share, but have also been really busy with a few new awesome projects that have fallen into my lap. Working with two new blogs as a contributor, and shooting a personal series of some friends and amazing jazz musicians in the city. Not to mention a redesign of the blog is underway so check within the next week for more!



  1. Well well well! You are the busy one, or should I say, PRODUCTIVE ONE? Congratulations on your projects! They sound amazing and I know you're going to do the darn' thing. Ciao Bella!

  2. Just trying to keep up with you, amazing lady! So excited that you'll be back in the states for a little bit shooting a BOOK! Betta werk lol

    I'll be in NY October 29th. Will you be there at that time by any chance?

  3. Hey lady!
    Unfortunately we'll have to meet up another time. I'll be in NYC again on the 21st and 22nd of October shooting the second house of many in that crazy cool city. We've got to meet up soon. I'll be moving to South east Virgina after that shoot. So much going on, but I love it! Werk! Do you Skype?


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