The Cinematic Orchestra

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Thanks to a recent post by Black Eiffel I discovered two really great things at once. The first is a 2009 documentary called Ingredients that focuses on the all-important individuals behind your weekend farmer's markets: the farmers, of course. Just from watching the trailer I can tell it's going to be a great, eye opening film about a conversation that has gripped America in recent years: where does your food come from, what's in it, and how much of a toll is its mass production having on farmer's and the environment?

The second really cool find was discovering The Cinematic Orchestra. This UK electronic group has been around for years, and I've heard snippets of their song "To Build a Home" before but never knew who produced it.The undulation of the piano was what was most familiar. Take a listen to the song below and you get this very surreal, all encompassing sound. To a great extent the song reminds me of the band Other Lives, who I saw live at Outside Lands in SF two summers ago. Check their song "Black Tables". Lush, baroque instruments that are haunting and heavy, but incredibly beautiful with lyrics rich with imagery.


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