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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Some musical goodies for your ears this afternoon. The indie UK record label Wah Wah 45s, home of soul, jazz, acoustic, and funk, is releasing a series of digital compilations created by various artists on the label. The first of which is Allo Love Volume 1.

Soul singer Stac, trumpet and trombone siblings The Colman Brothers, producer and DJ Scrimshire and an entire hosts of others contribute soulful and jazz-laden tunes that drip with old school craftsmanship and contemporary grooves. Not too many record companies are putting out  a compilation featuring all the artists on their roster, but when they do, and it sounds this good and so in sync, it's like a merry band of brothers and sisters having one big jam session in the studio.

I'll be rocking Allo Love all day at work and probably into the evening. Especially this beautiful, chilled out cover of Stevie Wonder's classic "All I Do (Is Think About You)". Was just having a conversation with my bf, actually, about the Top 10 list of Stevie Wonder classics. An impossible list, we know, but while I had "As" on mine and a certain someone *ahem* did not (lol), I'd like to hear from you guys. Is Stevie's "As" on your list of Top 10 Wonder joints?

While you ponder the (easy) answer, click over to Wah Wah 45s Bandcamp page to download the songs from Allo Love Volume 1 for yourself :0

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  1. Hey Nicole, thank you for this lovely, lovely review of our comp (and of my track too).

    I'm especially glad the family atmosphere at our label really comes across.

    I think it's especially tough with Stevie. On the cheesier side (though I hate referring to any of his music like that, lets say romantic) Rocket Love off Hotter Than July. Golden Lady is eternally beautiful and probably the always uplifting Please Don't Go. An essential track.


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