Jill Scott: From the Vault

Thursday, August 11, 2011

More great news for you about record labels releasing old or new material from its artists. The former record label for Jill Scott, Hidden Beach, is releasing a few samplers of Jill's songs from their vault aptly called Hidden Beach presents: The Original Jill Scott from the Vault Vol. 1. Still riding the high from her newest album Light of the Sun and having just seen her live in concert this past Sunday breaking it DOWN with the likes of Anthony Hamilton and Mint Condition, this sampler is  a fresh appetite wetter for anyone who may be thristing for more Jilly from Philly. It's wonderful to hear Jill when she was relatively brand new and with a "young" voice, but one that reverberated with the soul of a veteran even then.
Check out snippets from some of the tracks that will be released, and check the cover of Bill Wither's classic "Lovely Day".


  1. As a huge fan of Jill, I'm a bit torn about buying this album- I read her interview in Essence in which she makes it clear that the split from Hidden Beach was not amicable and she is not very happy about the release of these tracks...
    With that said I would love hear more of her earlier works, Who is Jill Scott? Is still my fav album in her collection.

  2. I remember there being a bad fall out between Jill and HB. I always think its odd when a record company, for some reason or other, won't stand 100% behind an artist while they are signed to said label. And when the artists break away the company still wants to profit by giving away unreleased material.

    As a fan of Jill's music, we gotta spread the word about some of her tracks :) She's phenomenal. 'Who is Jill Scott?' definitely is the standout album! Hopefully, she'll release hidden tracks of her own choosing in the future :)


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