The Hunt for Red October

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sorry I've been away for a little. You know when you want to blog, but nothing seems pertinent enough to blog about? Well thankfully I came across some goods this past weekend. Turns out two days of respite + an overdue massage was more than enough time to re-energize the imagination. Lots of posts coming your way this afternoon!

To start, Fall has officially made its entrance with kids here in the District going off to their first day of school today. Growing up, fashion savvy or not (I was clearly the latter), you know your outfit had to be on point. But the little nerd in me was more geeked about the new Lisa Frank notebook and pencil set I got :) (Ya'll remember Lisa Frank, right?!) Still remember my 3rd grade outfit: short sleeved black sweater, red pants, and black Keds. Holler. Those pants were bright red the first day of school and waaay faded by the the third month. Gotta love recess.

But speaking of red, I've been thinking lately of upgrading the 3rd grade pants to  a red coat for  the Fall/Winter season. D.C has a bit of a reputation for having an... uninteresting fashion sense, shall we say; rocking the black and navy and gray when the weather falls off. Which is understandable and cool. But in winter it gets a little depressing sloshing up against a sea of dark colors making their way off the metro, up the escalator, in the long Starbucks line, at the Chipotle. With so little art being prominent on walls, billboards, store fronts, buildings  (especially downtown), the District needs something to jump start its creative energy and denote a sense of personality. Can we get a green pocket square? Some purple leggings? So if it's going to be it's up to me! (And the rest of you Washingtonian transplants :). This season I'm looking to step out and punch it up with a red coat, in addition to some other bright gear, hopefully. The hunt for Red October begins now!

Couldn't resist posting the Blue military trench from J. Crew. Fire

Photos courtesy J. Crew, All the Pretty Birds, The Sartorialist


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