Emily King: Seven

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Friends, sleep no more. Not on Emily King that is. This soulful songbird is probably one of the industry's most quietly kept secrets. Back in 2007 she released her album East Side Story that was a colorful blend of hip hop, jazz, and soul, and garnered a much deserved Grammy nomination.

Her latest album which was released in early July simply called Seven is a much dreamier,  more melodic approach to all of those genres. The gentle lift of a summer love is definitely on King's lips and revealed in her lyrics. The rhythms are slower and the vocals hushed to a near luscious whisper, with odes to some of Emily's guitar strumming mentors: Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley.

Every track is wonderfully timed, produced and arranged. "Down" opens with choral harmonies that sound as if they are ringing out from baptist churches  before it shifts into a sweet, bounce. "Georgia" floats and rises with a whimsical, almost nostaligic rhythm reminiscent of mid-century America. You can almost see King singing and sighing alone in a field of golden wheat strumming her guitar. 

Without a doubt my favorite Emily King album to date, and one that should be radiating through internet and car radios, your iPods, and every other means of transmitting sound. Check out a few tracks below, and head over to her Bandcamp page to purchase the album.

Thanks to OKP for the initial mention.


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