Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jay-Z must be the theme for my weekend, I guess. While visiting the record store Soundgarden in Baltimore this past weekend, I got caught up reading Jay's biography, Decoded. Love the design and, of course, the narrative about his life and struggles, insights and moments of clarity. It's a pretty engaging read from a guarded person who is one of the most iconic figures in pop culture. And Jay's recent collaboration with search engine Bing to simultaneously promote the book and garner more hits for Bing earned both the prestigious Integrated Prix and Titanium Awards  at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity.

Coming across Jay's biography was one thing, and just today I read about the July 7th private listening party for the highly anticipated album "Watch The Throne" that he and Kanye are releasing later this summer. 

But because we're art nerds here, let's talk about some of that, eh? :) I came across this impressive piece by the artist Andre Woolery thanks to The Nu Black. Over 7,600 thumbtacks were used to create this colorful portrait of Jay. 

 (art by Andy Woolery, found via I Am the Nu Black)

Below is a statement by Andy about the piece (and ball park price tag if you're interested :)

Jay-Z is the appropriate figure to break my typical medium of oil paint.  After 7,633 thumbtacks, this is what materialized: a piece illustrating the idea that every line unveils a glimpse into who Jay-z is.  This collection of lines, like a collection of lyrics, comes together to create a clear picture of Shawn Carter, one of the best of all time.  Time moves slower in this piece, as if you’re watching his genius at work.
Pricing Model: $1 per thumbtack
- Andre Woolery


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