Friday, July 15, 2011

I came across this wonderful short film thanks to my friend and colleague NS via one of her old tweets. It's been on repeat since 9:45 am.

The short was a collaboration between the wonderful site Fifty People One Question and Post Secret. The question: What's your secret?

The responses are sweet and humorous and reflective. It's refreshing to see the openness people have in telling their secrets to a stranger. You can almost see the figurative weight being lifted in some cases. My favorite is the couple around the 3:36 mark :) Documentaries are incredible. Real people being given a chance to tell their real story. What emerges is closer human relations.

But what I also love is the wonderful music backing all of these shorts. Check out the tune in the one below and tell me it doesn't droop and sigh with New York? The question: What would you like to happen by the end of the day?


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