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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

So, good friends I drank the Kool Aid yesterday, and it was good...oh yes. Started a Tumblr which you can check out ova heres!  

But, Nicole, why a Tumblr in addition to your blog, you ask? Bon question! I started checking out way too many awesome tumblrs and became convinced that posting quick, random photos or videos accompanied by snarky one-line comments was where it's at! You can share so much more content from users around the world. The new site will be where my sense of humor and sense of fashion collide, shake hands and then make out wildly in the backseat. I even set up a little space where you can ask me questions. Anonymously at that. Ooohh...even more fun! But don't worry, The Chestnut Orange blog will still be up and running on a regular. 

Think of the Tumblr as the hallway to the house. Stare at all the art lining the walls. Check yourself in the mirror. But then make your way to the living room: the Blog. Sit. Get comfy. Read :)



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