Thursday, June 23, 2011

Momofuku aka Lucky Peach is here. It's a brand new quarterly journal of food created by publisher McSweeney's and the ultimate chef specializing in Korean-American cuisine, David Chang. The man who pretty much feeds New York right now. Hello, Korean-style fried chicken. And the cover's design is bad A! As a person who likes to plan vacations around the premise of where she'll be eating most of the time, this latest food magazine is bringing me joy right now :)

Each issue of Lucky Peach will focus on exploring one food topic through essays, travelogues, videos, etc. The inaugural issue is pretty sweet, with writing and recipes by Anthony Bourdain, Ruth Reichl, molecular gastronomy maverick Wylie Dufresne, pretty much the most awesome people in the food industry that you can roll with.

As Fast Company described in its online review of the magazine: Sure, there are still recipes, but, rather than glossy food porn, you’ll find, for instance, a charticle on the slow-cooked egg showing its various degrees of runniness.

Lucky Peach is the cool companion for knowledgeable and ballsy foodies who aren't afraid of the stem to stern meals cooked in unconventional fashions. Find out more where to get Lucky Peach here, and even read a few of the articles.


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