Look3: A Photo Diary

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Just getting back from what was one of the most incredible weekends of my life. For three days, a wonderful group of photographers, video graphers, and photo editors descended on to the beautiful and sleepy town of Charlottesville, Virginia to convene about photography, its significance in the greater scheme of communication, and to reconnect over the love and relevance of the art.

It's taking a lot to recap the synergy of emotion, vision, thought provocation, jubilation, and sense of community that was present at this year's Look3 festival. I'm beyond inspired and grateful to be apart of this awesome community of forward thinkers and creative men and women. So much happened that it's impossible to condense in a few images, and this set only skims the surface.
Antonin Kratochvil kicks things off on Thursday night with a talk about his life's work and the importance of returning home.

At the World Press Photo Exhibit that has just begun its tour around the world, starting right here in the U.S.

Seriously amazing tacos and salsa from this place. Gotta check it out.

In depth discussion about photographers working with NGOs on humanitarian stories, led by Mary Anne Golon and photographer Carlos Cazalis (right) at the BD: Hope for a Better World Breakfast Reception.

One of the two people responsible for my being a photographer, Steve McCurry discusses the photos he took using the last roll of Kodachrome to ever be manufactured.

Photographer Latoya Ruby-Frazier, who commanded one of the most powerful talks at the festival on her hometown of Braddock, Pennsylvania and the notion of family and disenfranchisement.

She has no idea why she cracks me up so hard

Jake Naughton, can't forget the "Strawberries and cream" man lol.
Safe and wonderful travels in Kenya this year!

Some of the incredible photographers of Luceo. Loved finally meeting them after months of e-mail correspondences.


A huge thank you to Look3, Look Betweeen. Emphas.is, Luceo (amazing, amazing young photographers), Once Magazine, BD, and so many more for making it possible to continue communicating with the world through visuals.


  1. Hi! Nice photo summary of the festival. I plan to post some of my images from the festival later today. I saw you walking around, but didn't get a chance to meet you. We're both in DC, so, perhaps, we'll cross paths at some point.


  2. This looks amazing. Really wish I could have gone this year. Hopefully when the next one comes around (but not for another couple of years, right?) I'll be able to attend. Great photos.

  3. Hey Matthew, So sorry I missed you at the festival, but would love to see the pics you post of all that went down. Thanks for stopping by the blog, btw!

    Danielle, you would absolutely love attending! I think next year we should definitely get a group of women to go. The festival is on for next year, but in 2014, it will be the Look Between. Look3 has three festivals for three consecutive years, then takes a year break to reassess, and then starts up again the year after.

  4. Nicole, you're amazing. Seriously. Let's get together Friday if you can or next week. I would love to hear more about this incredible event from your perspective as well as finally meet you face to face before I leave this area.

    Great post! Great blog! You go!

  5. Just sent you an e-mail, Felicia :) Let's definitely meet up! This Friday or next week works for me!

  6. These are great photos! Glad you loved the event.


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