Happy Father's Day to all of you and your dads! And a special shout out to all the new papas this year :) A little bummed I can't be home to take my dad fishing, but hopefully next month it'll happen. I decided to come home from NY a little earlier because of plans I made for tonight here in the District, but as always had a good time catching up with good people out there.

This afternoon I'm taking a little time to do some inventory of the albums I have because I'm in a crazy music lull. Once you find yourself skipping most of the songs on your iPod rather than listening to them you know it's time for a refresh. (Excuse the messy hair in the pic :) If you have any tunes that you're loving and want to share feel free to let me know! Always enjoy getting your recommendations. But I did come across this song by Seal when going through some CDs I bought last summer. Kind of love it and wanted to share.


  1. Hello!
    It was great finally meeting you in person! You're a lovely young lady and we definitely have to hang out again when I back at the end of July. Ciao!

  2. Felicia! It was so great seeing you! You're even more incredible in person and I had such a good time chatting about photo, fashion, life, and future plans :)

    And I made sure to put that little prayer for you out there this morning ;) Here's to more get togethers!

  3. Thank you and you there will definitely be more get togethers! Have a great time in Chi-town!

    Ciao Bella!



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