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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Who are these new kids on the block, you ask? Cults is garnering far more than new found fame with their much-anticipated self-titled album. And rightfully so. Who else is fusing a new age loud rock sound with piano poppy, psychedelic, loud yet moody, 50s flavored soul? Something about Madeline Follin's voice reminds me of The Crystals... if they got totally dark. Remember their song "And then he kissed me"? I love that song! Thanks to Elizabeth Shue's character from "Adventures in Babysitting" in the opening scene where she is dancing around her room waiting for her boyfriend. (Note to all: I will be revisiting that film in the near future now that I've mentioned it) No? TMI? Meh.

And because I'm a straight up shameless art nerd, I love the duo's shout out to Robert Longo's infamous and powerful series "Men in Cities". That series has really been unsurpassed in a lot of ways.

And for you Washingtonians, Cults are performing at Rock and Roll Hotel this Friday. Tickets are only $12. I would boo the fact that I'm going to miss this performance, but I'll be rocking it in the VA with some equally cool photo-types at the Look3 Photo Festival.  Cults album is out now. Check one of the tracks here. Listen to more over here.


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