Where Is: Jupiter One?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ever dig back through your musical canon and find that there is an artist or song that you used to play incessantly but realized they sort of dropped off suddenly? I'm asking myself the same thing about a band from Brooklyn called Jupiter One. 

I remember checking out these guys maybe two years ago with my friend at the time David while I  was covering the Regina Spektor show for Filter magazine. I came across an old post on them from the 2009 archives and was all of a sudden reminded how excited I was to one day review one of their solo shows.

I remember Jupiter One having a really awesome drummer and lead singer, and so much energy that I was not expecting from an opening act at a Regina concert. They were pretty amazing, as was their album Sunshowers. Here's hoping they're just in the studio about to release some new magic.

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  1. thanks for thinking of us Nicole! 3 of the 4 members formed a group called "Fancy Colors" this year and are currently putting together an album. The singer, K, is recording his own solo EP called "Kishi Bashi." We all agreed to take a year off, but will get back together in 2012...hope to get some more music to you :)


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