(Hanger steak from Jaleo; Photo by Nicole)

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Hope you enjoyed yours. A few girlfriends and I celebrated with dinner at three (yes, three) random restaurants, topped off with a little light dancing downtown.

Looking forward to posting a few new finds and really wonderful photography opportunities with you in the upcoming days:) But first, a little R&R this weekend. After an all day photo shoot this Saturday I'm planning a day trip to my favorite spa ever: Spa World! This place is  simply awesome, you guys. Sunday will mean saunas, jet streams, a massage, and hours of pleasurable, uninterrupted reading. Bliss. 

And of course, a Happy Mother's Day to my mommy! So sorry I can't be home this weekend to celebrate you in person, but love that you're only a phone call away :) 

Be back soon

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  1. You and your mommy are so cute. And have fun at Spa World!


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