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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

*Disclaimer: text heavy post

Just came back from checking out Talib Kweli's set at The Black Cat here in D.C and it was pure fire!! Talib is seriously one of the dopest, most authentic, and surprisingly energetic MCs performing. His band--let me repeat his band--shut it down! That bass player is mean. I need a heat pack for my neck and back from all the body rocking. I was initially supposed to check out the show with two girlfriends, but neither could make it after all, so I went alone and ended up checking it out with two guys who were friends of the one friend who couldn't come. Two of the sweetest and coolest guys you'll ever meet, who have very specific tastes on how they prefer their hip hop lol. I love living in D.C. You meet random cool people all the time it seems :)

But speaking of music, I've not always had rockin' taste in it, you know? (Joke, joke, joke ) I recently had an idea to put together a playlist of some guilty pleasure tunes or just plain good 'ol bad songs that, looking back, I'm so embarrassed to admit I used to play ad nausea! But you have to laugh at yourself sometime, and we're close so I know you won't judge, right? Right? :) This is a very mini post of songs. The rest coming in part 2. There will definitely be some commentary because it's so necessary! I even inquired with friends about their "Guilty Pleasure" list and got some interesteing choices from some very unsuspecting people. I love that! So alas, let the jokes begin.

T.A.T.U: I was in high school and going through my emo phase! *Covers head with paper bag and faces the wall*

Adina Howard. Who among us was not singing this in 1995? Ten years of age and all...but this was the summer jam.

T-pain: I have no words. Sometimes you just need "that song" in your ipod.

Celine: I'm a big fan of her music. I love her sound and the whole story of her rise to fame. I remember singing the entire album Falling Into You around my living room and on our balcony in 1996 like I was trying out for Star Search. But this song is such a crazy, weird dance/pop tune that it's pretty much the only Celine song I would be embarrassed to be caught playing if someone walked in on me. But I do love it!

Britney: I have to say I'm feeling this remix to Britney Spears song for one reason only: Nicki Minaj's verse. I haven't even heard the original, but I swear I listen to this song for Nicki's opening lines only. If someone stopped me on the street and asked what I was listening to in that moment , however, I'd probably discreetly press my shuffle button until it fell on Stevie Wonder or Kanye lol

Spice Girls: Crap! The music to this song is beautiful, and I haven't heard it since maybe 7th grade? I'm a sappy girl, and I automatically associated this tune with Korea simply because I remember driving through Seoul the first time I played it on my gigantic walkman.

Enrique: The video to this song used to play every single morning on VH-1's Jumpstart program, and I'd watch it while eating Corn Pops before school wishing I, too, could frolic in the desert with Enrique. Oh high school. Le sigh. Thank goodness I turned my attention to Frank Sinatra a year later :)

It seems most of my guilty pleasures are all dance songs lol. Hmmm....

One of my girlfriends admits to loving Britney Spears' "Toxic" and Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl". Another friend said "Strong Enough To Break" by Hanson, and someone else who is die hard hip hop said Robbie Neville's "C'est La Vie."

Do share. What are some of your guilty pleasure tunes?



  1. See now, I'mma' have to back up for a minute and give you the side eye from the front. YOU used to sing "freak like me"? Girl!!! I'mma tell yo' momma! LOL! My brother and cousin and I used to make fun of this song non-stop because we thought "wow, this is truly the bama' anthem". Too funny! My favorite part is where she says: I'm not about to pay nobody's way" I don't know why but I die when sings that and lets' not forget that the morning after she will "take you round' the hood on a gangsta lean". Girl, you got me crackin' up!

  2. LOL! Bama all day! Tell me why I was talking about "a freak in the morning, a freak in the evening" while I rocked my pink jellies?! lol...ahhh the 90s.

  3. This is too funny. Love your commentary: "emo phase"? Awww.

    I had heard of four of these, including that Adina Howard song. (Oh my!) As for my picks, you got me on "Toxic" and Katy Perry. I am 'fessing up here! And I can't wait for part 2. :)

  4. I went through a John Mayer phase for 10 years. Phase, as in not listening to any other person, period. Not in the car. Not at home. It was JM all the time. That's not exactly a phase, I guess. More like an obsession with JM. I dumped him after that Rolling Stone interview. He has issues with women. O_o

    Katy Perry is my 'don't let anyone know I listen to her' artist.


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