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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Love taking my bike out around the city on Sunday mornings. Today seemed especially gorgeous and sunny. I decided to just lazily ride wherever I felt like drifting, which took me through downtown, Logan Circle, U st, and the Dupont Circle neighborhoods. Dupont is so beautiful in the spring and summer! It's so colorful and busy, but it doesn't feel hurried. And Dupont has one of the best farmer's markets in the city, albeit most expensive. 

I snapped a few photos and got really excited when I came across a vendor selling Hot Pepper Jelly!!! Earlier this year when I went to New Orleans, my boyfriend at the time and I went to this great restaurant called Commander's Palace where I had the most amazing shrimp and tasso henican dish with hot pepper jelly. I will never forget that dish so long as I live, and as soon as I got back to D.C I googled for the recipe and found the very one used in NOLA. Woot! So yes, I'm gonna try my hardest to duplicate a dish I've only had one time lol.

And another great find was apple butter! I've had a few good dishes with apple butter, but nothing tasted quite like the very first time I had it. So, going into foodie snob mode for just one minute I passed on buying other brands that I came across over the years. But today, this one that I sampled took me back! There's no sugar used, but has a touch of honey.  

So if you're in D.C on a Sunday definitely check out Dupont's farmer's market when you can. Have a great Sunday, guys! I'm off to the movies with some friends and then tonight...drum roll!...Fleet Foxes!


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