Down Time

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sorry guys. Blogger was down for a little while and removed all posts after the 11th. Ahh well. You didn't want to see me smacking up that crispy fish anyway right? ;)

No worries. I'll be posting a couple of album reviews (2011 is going to be another hot year for indie music), some playlists, and a Part II (a las) of my favorite record covers for you later this week. Hoping to make the playlists downloadable for you guys, too. Plus, a buddy and me are checking out Fleet Foxes Sunday so expect a review from that!

And for a little transition to your weekend, enjoy this video of Cee-Lo covering one of my all-time favorite Band of Horses songs "No One's Gonna Love You". Thank you, Winnie, for posting it awhile back. I had no idea a video was made for the cover. Check out the original at the bottom.

Have a great weekend!


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