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Friday, April 22, 2011

This was something I meant to post a loooong while ago because I've shared it with just about all my girlfriends who sympathize :) "Chronic Bitchface" is as hilarious as it is pandemic.

(Illustration by Kristina)

A wonderfully witty illustrator named Kristina over at the blog Kris Atomic created a great depiction of the issue that is "bitchface." What is "bitchface" you ask? Well....Though you're in the best mood you could possibly be in, content and satisfied with a new accomplishment, a new relationship or just life in general, walking down the street with the aforementioned disposition does not necessitate a smile being plastered on your face at all times. You'd get some strong side-eye from people, right? And yet a stranger--usually of the male persuasion--will find it his duty to interrupt your straight face and offer his unsolicited two cents by saying "Smile", or "Cheer up love" or" "Why the face?" And your immediate response wants to be "I'm just walking, you (add your prefered expletive)!" But, you generally roll eyes and keep it moving.

After the overwhelming response from women and men on her blog, Kris, in her awesome humor has just made a batch of "Chronic Bitchface"prints to celebrate such a strong outpouring of opinions. I know a few people who would totally love one :)

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  1. Too funny. I remember seeing this before. And those comments (always from random guys) are just annoying. Love this.


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