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Friday, April 15, 2011

 (Courtesy Scamped)

Geeezzz! How friggin' incredible are these illustrations by Anant Nanvare? I was in my co-worker's office last week when I saw the cover for the latest illustration special from Lurzer's on her desk. I got distracted by whatever I was saying (blah biddy blah biddy) because this cover dominates! Look closely. It's a mosaic of rolled up paper made into a portrait. Absolutely gorgeous. The client is a company in Mumbai, India called Transasia Papers. What better company to display the rich colors of India? See more here

These portraits remind me of a documentary I saw last year called Wasteland, which I implore everyone and their mothers to see. It follows photographer Vik Muniz as he travels to the largest landfill in the world, which resides in his native home of Brazil. In the documentary, Vik employs several volunteers from this landfill known as "pickers", and takes carefully composed portraits of them, and has each person collect items they normally get from the landfill and bring them to this huge industrial hanger. Here, Vik blows up the portraits via a projector on the floor, and the volunteers take time filling up this massive portrait with recycled items they've found. It's such a great, joyful film. See the trailer here, pics below.

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  1. Checked the cool box. ;) And Wasteland IS a really great film. I second your recommendation.


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