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Friday, April 15, 2011

(Art courtesy Trebles and

Absolutely one of the best hip hop soul albums you'll come across this year. Trebles & Blues, an LA-based producer who was originally featured on the Chestnut last month delivers his debut full length album The Blue Note with fine-tuned craftsmanship and a well trained ear. Falling in line with a host of up-and-coming producers such as Dexter and Ernest Green (both from the Netherlands incidentally) who are setting the music industry afire with innovative use of samples and rhythms, Trebles and Blues throws in jazz, soul samples from the Stylistics, and of course hip hop.

I love his website because it provides video, photos, and commentary about each track on the album and the process of how came in to being. Not to mention the design itself is clean and was designed by Nam Bui.

Check a few of my favorite tracks below, and head over to Bandcamp to download the album for free. But this is one of those albums and one of those artists who I'd happily support by purchasing.


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