Monday, April 18, 2011

Look just before a friend called me to grab some ice cream tonight. I have a seriously sore throat after last night's housewarming (Which was so great! Thank you to all my girls who came out!), so I tried resting up. But who can refuse ice cream? Especially Mango Peach flavored with banana topping ;)

If you're in D.C tonight, by the way, Les Nubians will be having a listening party at Marvin's on Ust from 7-9pm. It's a free event, and one of my friends, DJ Jahsonic, is spinning tonight. He's pretty dope, so definitely drop through if you can! I'm hoping to make the next listening party with Julie Dexter next week. It's also co-sponsored by Lunchbox Theory.

And a short playlist that I've had saved for a minute. I'm sure many of you are familiar with a lot of these. Have a good one!


  1. Excuse me, Miss but uh, what are you trying to do here? Blow us all away with your fabulous photos and musical taste? Mission accomplished! LOL!
    I've been a fan of your blog for some time but nowadays it seems that you're taking a new direction and I really like it. I think that you're on to something, a brand perhaps? Rock on witcha' bad self ! (that's Rage and Snoop by the way) I will be rockin' my Afro puffs this summer.

    Thinking of doing another post about your blog young lady.

  2. "I rock rough and stuff wit my Afro puffs (hey!)"
    Yes girl! You're too awesome for making my day with your always lovely comments :)

    I'm trying to hold down this little blog that could, and it's becoming a pretty awesome outlet, so I'm definitely keeping my eyes open for future possibilities (*snaps*)

    This is for both of us getting out our dreams and blogging our passions. Always love checking out what you're doing (including your exciting new opportunity!!). Even from thousands of miles away you're my home slice! Ciao, bella!

  3. Awww!You just made my day, home slice!" Lol!
    What a lovely sentiment and I'm just so excited about what the future will bring to both of us! I have no doubt in my mind that you're going to blaze new paths! Keep sharing the joy! Ciao Bella!


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