Stanley Kubrick

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Photo courtesy Warner Brothers.

Warner Brothers is releasing a 10-disc box set of every Stanley Kubrick film ever released to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of A Clockwork Orange in July. Confession: I've never seen this film, but having done research for it as part of my job recently, my interest in Kubrick's films just piqued about three notches. The Shining is arguably one of the most well-crafted and executed pyschological thrillers in  American cinema. Kubrick's films went through great lengths to examine the underbelly of humanity: insanity, sexuality, psychosis and questionable early psychiatric treatment methods, war, politics,  fear, obsession... His films retold the story of Spartacus and dared to envision the future with 2001: A Space Odyssey.

I'm usually not into horror films or thrillers,  and  I'm no grand Kubrick guru, but I do admire great direction. And Kubrick is such a cultural anthropologist and visionary that even in his films' darkest moments there is a flash of humanity that goes missing in many horror films of late that choose scare tactics over substance. 


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