Melanie Acevedo, Right At Home

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm usually not a girl who covets things (ok, I'm a bit crazy about mac n cheese, but who isn't? :) But after viewing the gorgeous, colorful home decor portfolio from photographer Melanie Acevedo I just have to say ooohhh weeee!! Just about every bookshelf, chair, glass vase, picture frame, lamp, etc I am salivating over. What's so funny is that so many of Melanie's home design photos have populated this blog over the past few years, and I wasn't even aware that they were her images. (Credit usually went to the site where the photo was found). But now I'm a fan for life.

This chair right here on the left. This is the chair. I'm on the hunt for something very very similar now. And that lamp on the right is next...and the rug...and coffee table :)

And the lovely Mara Brock Akil, who's home is equally fabulous as she is, also contributes her home to Melanie's work.


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