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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Disclaimer: as an easily excitable nerd, especially about music, when it comes to finding out about a new artist or band that gets me really excited I can never talk or type fast enough to tell people about them. It's one of the best feelings (sure we could think of a few more that could top the list, but let's keep it PG-13 and roll with this one, mmm kay? ;)

Enter Selah Sue, a bright-eyed singing bombshell from Belgium with a cool Reggae, Hip Hop and Soul-tinged sound. She draws natural comparisons to Amy and Duffy, but being a European woman with slightly raspy, deep vocals just touches the surface of what Selah is bringing to the table. She gets gully where Duffy is perhaps more reserved.

Selah's 21, but at 15 penned her first song, "Explanations" which remains one of her top hits years after it was released on her first EP. Along with writing her own material, she plays acoustic guitar and performed a duet with the one and only Cee-Lo on the track "Please" off his album "Lady Killer". But enough of the backstory. Check out Selah's music where it stands today. Her self titled album is available now via the label Because Music. Do yourself and your ear jam a huge favor and grab a copy. Every song is a gem, and it's one of those records you can play all the way through. Guaranteed MVA (most valuable addition) so far to your album collection.

Above is the video for Selah Sue's first single off her album called "Ragamuffin".  And enjoy checking out all the tracks from her debut album below courtesy Sound Cloud, and visit her website for more.


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