Back to the Future

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This photo series has been flying around the blogosphere like crazy the past week! And for good reason. Argentinian born photographer Irina Werning set out to re-create the childhood photos for hundreds of her friends. Using old images from their childhoods, she reconstructed the scenes and recaptured the moods of those memories.

What's also amazing about her execution of these pics is that each of them has a different lighting situation going on. Only a really perceptive and adept photographer can shoot with so many lighting styles: sepia tones, direct flash, studio light, bounce flash, making the photo appear aged, etc. And it's quite incredible that in many of the cases she was able to photograph the subjects on the exact backgrounds or enviornments from 10, sometimes 20 years, before! You'd think that kind of thing would be difficult, what with people usually moving away from their childhood hometowns once they've grown up.  But she captures them just as candidly as they happened before. Awesome series. Check out more here.


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