Axiom: It's a Mixtape!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Strong off the release of the 2009 album Mindstate Mix: Volume 1, as well as 2008's Electric (Fire), Baltimore MC and singer Black Root and Wordslave continue their winning streak with their latest release Axiom: It's a Mixtape!

The overall prodcution of the album is the glue that binds it together. Under the production of Street Radio, listeners are treated to a little Amy Winehouse sample  on "Mr. Jones". That song--along with many others--fluctuate between being basement party favorites and potential radio darlings. Axiom also invite you to travel through an Asiatic landscape on the track named after the college dorm staple, "Top Ramen", which has nothing to do with Asia--or noodles--but provides a new juxtaposition between rap and traditional asian instruments.


From songs like "Out the Door", "Off The Chest" it's clear the fellows of Axiom have had their share of *ahem* differences with the opposite site. The duo are not shy about sharing the mistakes made and lessons learned with dealing with women, and tracks like "Off The Chest" go about expressing those abit more sincerely. The album includes snippets from 70s Blaxploitation films that act as funny or familar references, but don't necessarily add to the weight of the tracks themselves.

While tracks like "Come and Party" "Heavenly Bound"  "Madd Truth" bring a certain ruckus to the album and keep energy high, smoother mixes like "Bout A Day" offer a sensual, soothing duo between Wordslave and featured crooner Eze Jackson. The lilting harmonies cascade together over a gentle guitar, synthesizer and the light clang of cymbals. Check out the track in the link above.

Axiom are positioning themselves into becoming one of the most recognized and regarded acts in Baltimore and D.C, having created relationships with a bevy of producers on each album and having collaborated with Baltimore frontman Kelly Bell of the well-known funk/blues band The Kelly Bell band. Click over to Axiom's site on Bandcamp to listen to more tracks and purchase the album.


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