Return of the Mac: Pt. 2

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Anyone who knows me knows my love for mac and cheese. It borders on my obsession for the perfect salad dressing (vinegar-based), pasta sauce (without cream), and bread pudding (thick bread, not like flan). Call it weird, call it neurotic, but when it comes to those few things I have a tendency to bring out the food snob that lies deep deep within. Sorry!
Photo by David Loftus

And so, when reading NPR this morning, I came across a delicious looking recipe for Jamie Oliver's "Killer Mac 'N' Cheese" that is featured in his latest food anthology, Jamie's America. The book is about Jamie's quest to find the quintessential American meal, which he in turn finds there is none. What's typical in a Mexican American home in Los Angeles is different for Jim and Estelle Wiser in upstate New York, or Carl Summers in Columbia, South Carolina. While the book sounds like a definite purchase for me, it's the recipe that will have me waking up early on Thanksgiving to perfect ;) I would post it here, but working in the publishing industry I understand there are rights that need to be acquired from the author first before posting a certain number of words without consent. So feel free to head over NPR's site here. Enjoy!


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