Lunch Hour D.C: 10/11

Monday, October 11, 2010

So, to keep my shutter finger strong I started using my lunch break to photograph people on the streets of downtown D.C. It helps me communicate with the everyday cool folk that I come across, and it also gives me a chance to shine a little light on the fashions of this nice city. So each day I hope to share with you a couple of new photos in the "Lunch Hour D.C". Looking forward to sharing more with you each day! Here's my take from lunch break today.

She was so fly in her jacket. I bumped into her by the MLK Library and had to get a picture of her.
I came across this gentlemen when I saw him propped against the wall of Barnes and Noble. I asked if I could take his picture because he looked so cool, and he happily obliged. Turns out he's a local rock and roll musician who sings with a great band in the city. I made sure to get the details on his upcoming shows and will keep you all posted in case you want to check him out :)
The two colorful kids were trying to be sure they weren't parked illegally when I approached them on E. St. I loved how they were stepping out in color and print, because sometimes in the Fall, the city takes a giant step away from rocking the color. Let's bring it this year D.C :)

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  1. I really like the second shot and third shots.
    The musician is handsome and looks peaceful and stylish, peacefully stylish? and the couple, the man in the third was enjoying his sartorial moment.

    Chapeau ma belle!

    Felicia, This Time Now


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