Lunch D.C: 10/22

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hey everyone! I tried to post these a little while ago, but my computer had a small virus that kept me from opening the internet. But all is well now, and here are the latest pics from lunch hour dc. Both were taken in Chinatown on 7th and F and 7th and G, respectively. The two girls on the right immediately went into model mode as soon as I asked to take a photo lol.

And here is one of my coolest/most hilarious besties David. We were in Harlem visiting the gallery Harlem Pop where I have a photo on display as part of an awesome show on love (check it out if you can :). Dave is one of the best dressed boys I know, and he's thoughtful about his selects, but doesn't try too hard. And I love his boots!
Hope you had a great weekend! Enoy the week ahead.


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