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Friday, October 8, 2010

A few book titles that I've either been reading or am so excited to start, and wanted to share :)

I'm currently reading You Lost Me There by Rosecrans Baldwin for my book club, and although another disconnected, downtrodden male protagonist is not exactly exciting, it's the author's language and way of constructing sentences that is absolutely beautiful and refreshing. From the very first page he had me, which is something I've been waiting for in a book for a long time. The story is about a neuroscientist whose wife has passed and he holds on to the memories of their marriage. He's a very analytical thinker, and has never really been in tune with the needs of others, but has an acute understanding of how others' brain operate. Years after his wife has passed he comes across some index cards written in her handwriting that recall the events of their marriage a bit differently than the protagonist does. The memories often are more heartbreaking or sad than the husband recalls, so his faith in his own memory or happiness in his marriage is challenged. In any case, a beautiful line that I recall is when the author begins writing in the voice of the wife when she was alive and writing out her concerns about the marriage:

Of course there were good days, days we spent motoring up through the Hudson valley, nights out at the movies, nights in bed with the lights off, just talking. But the bigger picture? How I saw the pattern at that point? Our marriage was a book written by authors in separate houses.

The other great titles here offer humor, wit, joy, peace, sadness, and provocation. I'm really anxious to start Little Bee, which my friend recommended with enthusiasm, and hoping to finish Kurt Vonnegut's Breakfast of Champions. Oh! And Higher Education? is a must! Two writers teamed up, trekking across the U.S to break down with great scrutiny and facts why U.S universities are so friggin' expensive, and some of the reasons will really tick you off. Year-long paid sabbaticals for tenured professors? Unfair allocation of funds away from academics, "miscellaneous" fees attached to tuition. Ahem. Yeah, universities are big business just as much as oil companies. It's time for some reform and some regulation. But no worries, this book also offers up schools that are really succeeding in educating students and keeping tuition low, and it offers insight about how more schools could do the same.

I'm curious to hear what some of you are reading :) Drop me a line and let's share!


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