Monday, September 20, 2010

I love these cute, practical and creative helmets from Adeline Adeline! When I first saw these on Miss Modular's site earlier, I was so tempted to buy one because many a bike rider knows how hard it is to look cute while you're rocking your skinny jeans, vintage boots, and fly blouse, and then have a helmet on your head that looks like someting out of Star Trek. Such a novel idea to make a helmet be beautiful and look like everyday wear, but still be practical and performs its protective function. And they're modestly priced being anywhere from$44-$175.


  1. When they make one into a fedora, then I'll buy it.

    They are cute, however, but too grown, I need a fedora!



  2. Ooohh the fedora would be some kinda fierce. Hopefully, that design is in the works!


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