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Friday, September 3, 2010

So many times over the past years I've been swooning over some of the rain boots I've seen girls rocking on the streets. Everything from psychadelic patterns to polka dots, and I've been on the search for the perfect pair that offered comfort, durability, and of course a little style.

Thanks to Hurricane Earl's pending rainshowers over the East Coast, and D.C's usually fickle weather, I woke up this morning and went on a little search for some cute boots. I found a few that were colorful, but didn't offer enough insulation as to keep the feet warm or dry. And then there were the pairs that were $300. Yeah, no. But then I saw these lovelies: the DKNY Niagara Boot. LOVED the design, and it's fairly minimal but classic aesthetic. Plus, this boot as an inner textile lining that keeps the moisture out and warmth in. The boot came in green, yellow, blue, and red (which was a close, close runner up). If you're looking to cop the same pair, try over Macy's. It's significantly cheaper.

*Pssst. Marc by Marc Jacobs has some really cool rain boots for only $28. Only hitch is that you can only buy them in Marc by Marc Jacobs stores.


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