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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Full disclosure: A little indulgence of mine for if I've had a good week, or a bad week.... or it's Wednesday.....or the sky is blue (haha)..... is going salsa dancing. It's one of the few occasions that I'll go out dancing alone, even if friends can't come along because it's incredibly invigorating. And you meets tons of people. Most often I'll grab my Cuban girlfriend and another friend who's a fierce salsa and tap dancer and we'll kind of set the floor on fire (*brushes shoulder*...kidding ;).
Something about the salsa, the rumba, the bachata, or the merengue bring out a little alter ego. Even a self-professed nerd needs to strap on her heels and do the Mambo on occasion ;) At least that's how I felt during my recent trip to Miami, where I bought this white dress to go dancing. One of my girfriends forced me to step out of my comfort zone and buy something a little more "body shaping". Raise your hand if you like tunics! Thank ya! Nothing wrong with loose fitting and fly :) But I acquiesced to her point and tried on the first dress I saw, and low and behold it became My Little Salsa Dress. I paired it with a black bubble skirt here just for a little discretion, but wanted to show what it looks like when worn as it was intended.

(The album art may be a bit cheesy, but this song kills on the floor!)


  1. Hi Nicole,

    I love your blog. It's beautiful.

  2. Hi Sandy!

    Thanks so much! You know, it's such a coincidence you stopped by the blog because on my way back from NY this weekend I was thinking about you. I'm e-mailing you right now.



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