Friday, July 9, 2010

*Disclaimer: slightly longer post than normal :)
This morning when I woke up, I was a teeny bit more excited than usual because it's the day my mom and I go see Joyce Meyer, a wonderful, empowering minister who's preachings have somehow always spoke to the very thing I was dealing with in life at the moment. It's taken me years to try and find a conference where she was speaking that wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg on accommodations alone, not including ticket prices. But thanks to some great timing, I came across a notice early this year that Joyce was going to be speaking right here in my hometown for free!

But something else about this morning was a little different, and it was a new sense of clarity about the transitions I'm experiencing.

Every year since 2007, the year that started my year and eight months of unemployment after college, I've written down things that I wanted to declare for my life. I'm a huge advocate for being careful with how you use your tongue. Speak things into existence that you want, because everything you say manifests itself in some form or other. It was a powerful testament to God when at the end of 2008 I looked back on my journal entry for 1/1/08 and saw that everything (sans one item) on that list had come to fruition. A job, living in a wonderfully cultural city, my health, an apartment, friends, favor, trying new things, peace of mind, etc. It was incredible because at the beginning of that very year I was worn down from constant traveling to different cities chasing job interviews that led to nowhere. But when you write something down--a promise, a declaration--it holds you accountable. And when you share that promise, it makes others hold you accountable as well.

I say all that to say that 2010 is no exception. At the beginning of the year I wrote down more declarations, not resolutions. Little things like continued love, growth, patience, and strength throughout my relationship. The health of myself and my family, my job and more photo opportunities and creative inspiration, be less inhibited and take a road trip or two, growth in friendships, financial breakthroughs. To help someone everyday, speak honestly and sincerely, and other little things. It's so awesome to look back a little more than halfway into the year and see the things that have manifested and declarations that are about to fulfilled.
Here's to your declarations and breakthroughs!

(I've played this song out on each of the road trips I've had so far. Something about an acoustic guitar that brings out a sense of wanderlust.)


  1. Wow! This post comes perfectly on time for me. I know exactly what you mean...but I haven't written things down in a long time. I think I will start now. I'm at a new place in my life and I feel like the next stage is on the horizon. Now's the perfect time to set goals and articulate dreams.


  2. Kandee!! So glad to hear this post meant something positive for you! Keeping moving forward, girl, and I'll keep speaking your victory :)

  3. I really needed this today.
    I've decided to move back to my beloved Europe, this time Italy. I've been a little worried for a couple of days. You know, "will I have enough money", the list goes on, but I'm not going to worry anymore. Life is what you make it and I'm going to make my time in Italy just as wonderful and fruitful as my time here in Seoul.

    You have a great attitude and am glad that you're in a wonderful place.

    Ciao Bella!


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