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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hi there! Been gone for a minute, but now I'm back. Been a little preoccupied with work, making plans, and chasing dreams and ideas with a hole in my net, but now I'm well equipped with the right spirit and the right resources to move in the right direction, catching and releasing as necessary:) I've got a little more sugar in my bowl regarding the sweet opportunities and revelations that have been taking place the past few weeks. I've got an exciting photo essay underway that I thank my girlfriends for being apart of and possibly a new career move (shh...;).

And the video that made me crawl out of my dusty blogger-less closet? Beyonce's "Why Don't You Love Me". Haven't been a huge Bey fan in the past, but a hot look (or several, in this case) and a funky, fabulous, cinematic video deserves credit no matter who it came from. Enjoy, and look forward to more music, fashion, art, design, all that all that, from the Chestnut. Shout out to Franchesca for posting this video on her blog a while back.

"Why Don't You Love Me" - Beyoncé from Beyoncé on Vimeo.


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