Florent Ghys

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The past weekend, my bf and I traveled to New York where he introduced me to the Bang on a Can Festival. He knows his stuff regarding music, and isn't shy about exposing others to styles they may otherwise be unfamiliar with. Honestly, I had an awesome time checking out new and "unconventional" arrangements that featured everything from zithers and piccolos to xylophones, gongs, and bamboo instruments. And in the process, I was introduced to a double bass player named Florent Ghys who's song "Simplement" was easily the most transportive piece for me of the afternoon. The song features Florent performing a musical interpretation of a woman (Aline Brunet) speaking. Her monologue becomes the catalyst for his arrangement. A soft yet semi-intense piece as you wait for a climax that goes almost as quickly as it arrived. Click the picture to check out a clip of the song. The song below is another from this same album, Baroque Tardif: Soli


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