Band of Horses: Infinite Arms

Friday, May 28, 2010

As a massive Band of Horses fan, I'm ecstatic over the group's latest release Infinite Arms which I bought at a Starbucks. (Now that I think of it, it's a fairly fitting retailer for the formerly Seattle-based group.)

Infinite Arms
inches the band one step closer to the down-home-comfort style that they touched on with Everything All The Time. The band felt their earthy, blues-y sound was out of sync with their environment early on, and so, after having severed ties with a former band member who wanted to pursue other things (thus sparking inspiration for the song "Islands on the Coast" from Cease to Begin), they moved from Seattle to the open spaces of North Carolina. Alice Walker made a similar move, leaving the city and moving to the open land of Northern California, an environment that was much more conducive to her writing her magnum opus, The Color Purple. Ohhh...Band of Horses and Alice Walker in one post. Nice. There's definitely a yearning for nostalgia in their chords, but there are still inflections of their west coast days on the sunny and poppy track "Dilly".

But my favorite track from BOH's latest is the title track. With the gorgeous opening line "I had a dream/I had a dream/That I was your neighbor/About to give birth", Ben Bridwell transforms into one of the most soulful and tender men in all of indie folk rock. Alright, Jim James might hold the unofficial title on that, but still... Have a listen for yourself :)


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