Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I've been nothing but giddy over Bobby McFerrin's extraordinary new release VOCAbuLaries. On Sunday, after hearing the track "Say Ladeo" over on Soulbounce, I quickly proceeded to call Barnes & Noble and have them hold a copy of the CD, which I also wanted to buy for my boyfriend.

The entire album is revelatory, spiritual, ethereal, and plain symphonic. McFerrin, with the friendly prodding of producer/engineer/arranger Roger Treece, created a CD made from over 1400 digital tracks all centered on various points in McFerrin's 4-octave range. A virtual choir of 50 singers helped comprise the album's energy and melodies. The voices were recorded individually or in small groups over time, and then the best versions of those were cut and laid over McFerrin's chords. Have a listen for yourself. Be amazed. Be enraptured.


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