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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Recently got put on to Southern Cali-based young MC named Intuition, who brings a mishmash of influences (jazz, funk, soul, West Coast Hip Hop, Snoop, Wu Tang Clang, and De La Soul) on his latest release Girls Like Me. (Oh really?) Nah, we do ;)

Intuition, aka Lee Shaner, has been forming a nice name for himself over the past ten years, having been born in and moved from Alaska to L.A, and injected a little grime and soul simultaneously into West Coast Hip Hop. While he may not be the next great lyricists, the work and attention to the production of this album is definitely the star.

Check out the album here.

Noteworthy tracks:
Otis Redding
Say Hello To Goodbye
Future Ex-Wife
I Love California

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  1. I will have to find some of it on Limewire.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate


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