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Saturday, April 24, 2010

I rocks with Jesse Adore's blog. In addition to sporting some of the baddest hair and style, Jesse's a vibrant, cool woman who's plugged into great music, art, and interior design. Her blog is a great portal for seeing how the busy New Yorker lives and works in the creative industry as an interior and clothing designer. Check out Jesse's fearless swagger and use of jeweltones on her blog Jesse Adore.
All images from Jesse's blog


  1. I have a question. I love your hair, are you doing twists?

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  2. This chick makes my whole LIFE! Love her style + hair.

  3. WHOA!

    Lol, I'm so super late on seeing this! In fact, if TheNuBlack hadn't mentioned they saw it, I wouldn't have known at all. Thank you so much for the love! Your blog is pretty darn dope =}

  4. What up Jess! You are so welcome! Your blog is such cool inspiration for design and style, and I had to give a shout out :) Thanks for coming through the blog!


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