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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spent the afternoon walking through dozens of art galleries in New York's Chelsea neighborhood yesterday. Chelsea has one of the best offerings of contemporary art--both paintings and photographs--in the city. What's great about galleries is that they offer fabulous imagery that you can view for free in an intimate setting. You can speak with the gallery owners about the artists themselves and even view the gallery's warehouse of images that is usually found in the back offices.

Over at the spacious Gallery Henoch on 25th St., I came across the painter Eric Zener who creates stunning oil on canvas works. These photos here don't do justice to the color and texture that Zener creates with the bubbles and varying degrees of blue. Even with a color as cool as blue, he manages to invoke warmth. The connecting theme to this body of work is a rebirth through water's ability to bring clarity. It shows people who have reached a crossroads in life and are looking to regain a sense of self and purpose, perhaps. If you can, make a stop through the Gallery Henoch (and others in the neighborhood) to see Eric's work, now on display.


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