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Friday, March 26, 2010

Just found out about another very cool partner in the geen thumb movement towards sustainability and better enviornments for communities.

Green The Block is an organization started by its parent organization, Green for All, and the Hip Hop Caucus. It's primary intention is to help low-income families and neighborhoods become major players in the "going green" efforts. They do everything from planting gardens in neighborhoods that residents can pick from but also contribute to; they host monthly events and seminars on ways to be more "green", and open up volunteer opportunities. Just recently GtB worked to spotlight women who are contributing their hands to the Green Movement in honor of Women's History Month.

According to D.C's Capitol File magazine, Green The Block is organizing a massive concert on the National Mall on Earth Day, which coincidentally commemorates the 40th anniversaries of Earth Day and Hip Hop's presence. Word is John Legend, Keyshia Cole, and more will be performing, but I haven't seen this yet posted on GtB's blog. Stay tuned, though!


  1. That is great to hear. I see so many empty lots in my neighborhood and wonder about have a sustainable garden that could feed the people in the community as well as make the neighborhood look a lot nicer.


  2. Ditto, on the empty lots in neighborhoods. I've been thinking of writing a proposal, perhaps, to the city council to see about starting some kind of garden. Would definitely be worth the effort, especially since the affordable grocery store down the street from my place recently closed.


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