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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Netherlands know a thing or two about producing...well, great producers. Nicolay (hands down one of my favorites from the work he's done with The Foreign Exchange and his solo projects) and Beatdoctor. But added to that growing and innovative list is Homemade, the trio of cohorts spearheaded by producer FS Green who hails from Amsterdam. FS Green, Full Crate, and Grand Jackson mix soul and hip hop with their new brethren electronica to make a record that breaths an intoxicating air of smooth vibes. FS Green does so much and has his hands in so many projects, you'll get winded just reading about him. But nevertheless, ride with him on his journey by following his blog, which is pretty dope.

Key tracks to check:
"Easy Lova"
"Feel Like" ft. Mar

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  1. LMAO YOU KNOW THEM? HAHAHA I hang with them when I'm in Amsterdam. Tiny world. The funniest thing is their age. Bless them.


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