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Monday, March 22, 2010

Did you know that Ryan Gosling made music?! I had no friggin' idea. I mean, it's definitely not uncommon for actors to transition into musicians. The result of which can be good or bad, depending on your view (ie. Joaquin Phoenix, Scarlett Johansson, Marion Cottilard, Zoey Deschanel, Jamie Foxx, etc). But I'll go on record saying Dead Man's Bones, the duo started by sweetheart and handsome fellow Gosling and his best friend Zach Shield, is pretty damn. Good that is.

But before even knowing that it was Ryan Gosling on the track "In The Room Where You Sleep" (which you'll hear at the start of the video below) I'm tapping my foot and trying to mentally rummage through the database of rock artists that it could be. Dead Man's Bones released their debut album last October. What's also cool is that DMB's whole album is done in collaboration with the beautiful harmonies of the Silverlake Conservatory Children's Choir.

The creepy, semi-spooky 1950s film noir song titles (and album cover even) might turn you off at first glance, but stay awhile and treat yourself to the sweet nougat at center of their sound that oozes slow-dance doo wop and rock.

Tracks worth putting on repeat:
"Lose Your Soul"
"In The Room Where You Sleep"
"Pa Pa Power"

Initially found via Pitchfork TV

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  1. Wow, I would have never known that was him. Great find. Not to mention I loved him in the Notebook, total chick flick that reminded me of my parents.



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