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Monday, February 8, 2010

You gotta love the Internet. Keeping musicheads connected one tweet at a time :)

I was doing a little searching tonight and came across a blurb that said The Roots had put together a bunch of covers of J Dilla beats. Today is the late producer's birthday, and I love how each year since his passing artists have put together incredible tribute mixes featuring some of his best work (which is essentially his entire collection), plus several unreleased tracks.

During this search I came across another great avenue for online music sharing called SwiftFM. It's operated in conjunction with Twitter. You can listen to another user's entire history of songs that they've tweeted about or listed. You can stream all the tracks you want to turn people on to through an endlessly streaming radio station. You can search for any artist, find versions you're familiar with, and newer items that have been posted, and then tweet directly from SwiftFM to your Twitter account. It's pretty cool, especially this mix I found called Radiohead v. Coldplay, where a user mixed Radiohead's "High and Dry" with Coldplay's "The Scientist." Pretty nice. Check it out for yourself if you're like me and looking to fatten your iTunes playlist with new things. And now I will go back to absorbing all of Questlove's featured playlist :)


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