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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fireflies, treks through someone else's folk fairytale , starry nights, and the warm calm of ambient instrumentals are just a few of the images that Mountains duo Brendan Anderegg and Koen Holtkomp invoke with their third album Choral, released in 2008. The two were friends in middle school and decided to crystallize that friendship while in school in Chicago years later by forming a band. Now based in Brooklyn, Mountains seeks to create something ornately orchestral and grand in their musical presentation. So far, they've experimented by performing in bars and lounges throughout the country, but perhaps are still searching for the type of arena that would allow their minimalistic, slow-building and oft-psychedelic sound enough space to breathe as broadly as it can without being overwhelmed by side chatter or walls padded with marketing posters and fliers.

Check out their Myspace page to enjoy a few tracks from the album Choral, and be transported by the warm lullaby-like single "Map Table" and "Telescope".

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